Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Week to Go

Give or take.

After taking on and setting a new personal best at the Mt. Nebo Half Marathon this past weekend, I have quite a doozy of a schedule coming up before I even get to set foot in Dane, Wisconsin to start my journey.

On Thursday I have to be at the Portland Airport for an entire day of flying to Guayaquil, Ecuador to take part in a seminar on health and wellness. Then I will fly back on Sunday arriving home around 11 p.m.  That is just a mere seven hours before I have to be back at the same airport to fly to Moline, IL.  After one day in the Quad Cities, it is off to the greater Madison area before I start my journey.  A journey that is now longer than I originally thought.

What was supposed to be around 150 miles is now going to be closer to 165 miles once all things are said and done.  Some route changes to avoid congestion and to alleviate the need to run through semi-dangerous traffic areas has added a few miles to the overall trip. I guess that just adds to the adventure, huh?

Fortunately, I should be accompanied for most of the run by runners from the three states I will be visiting for a vast majority of the run.  Nothing makes a run go faster than sharing it with fellow runners. Knowing I will be given the opportunity to reach out to young minds along the way, as well as others who might be a bit more set in their ways, makes it all the better.

The long-term forecast looks like it could call for a touch of rain along the way but I doubt it will be as bad as the sideways 40 mph stuff that hit me during my 350 miler last year! Regardless, there is a run to be done and a goal to accomplish.  It is so close now I can just taste it!

Fortunately, no matter what happens, the same wonderful crew I had for my 350 miler will be with me for this run.  That crew consists of my best friend- Shannon. I am not worried at all about anything that doesn't involve running because I know she will see to it I make it all the way to the Quad Cities.  She has to - she is running the marathon as well!

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