Monday, September 16, 2013

Final Day of Dane to Davenport

The third day of my Dane to Davenport is going to be very refreshing. Well, it is going to be as refreshing as running my 3rd day of 50+ miles can be, that is.

Why will I think it will even be remotely refreshing? Because it will be the end of 150+ miles of running, for one. Three days of seeing a beautiful part of this country which sometimes gets overshadowed by the wonderful mountains ranges of the West, the beaches of the coasts and the forests all over, is going to be a treat. Then, I get to rest. Until Sunday. When I run the Quad Cities Marathon.

As I travel through Illinois for all but the last mile or so of this run, I will be passing alongside the mighty Mississip. Iowa will be on my right and my feet will be on the Great River Trail.  The weather seems to be at least moderately cooperating with no tornadoes and no heat waves. Let's just hope it keeps that way.

In addition, I will have completed something which is not necessarily the most physically challenging event  I have completed but since, as of today, I have spent three of the past five days almost exclusively on planes, I am hardly in the best physical or mental shape to tackle it.

But when I cross the finish in front of the Modern Woodman Park, I will breather a big sigh of relief.  Until about 36 hours later when I run the marathon.  My goal for that race? Well, if I can beat my time from 2006 (3:12:25) I would be elated. However, toeing the line in one piece will be the main goal. Enjoying the wonderful race that Joe Moreno and his fantastic group of people put on for the people here in the area will be the icing in the cake.

Besides, no one who likes me cares what my time will be and no one who doesn't will be impressed by anything I do. Once you learn the simple truth of that sort of thing in life, you really do have a mastery of the world.


  1. Thanks for doing this. It is inspiring.
    I love Guayaquil (and Quito too). I used to work there and have friends there.
    Best wishes for the QC Marathon.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your Dane to Davenport run!! It was an honor running into you and Shannon in Cordova, Illinois this afternoon! Get some much needed rest tomorrow and the greatest of luck at the QC Marathon to you both!!