Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day Two Proposed Route

The Second Day of Dane to Davenport has me running from just south of Monroe, WI to just north of Clinton, IA via the Land of Lincoln. While I have been planning this run for quite some time, like many of my other trips they are usually just skeletal ideas until I am fairly certain they are a go.  Then, I get intimate with the details.  Often, my plans are shaped by fortuitous meetings with others. The second day of this run was shaped by just such circumstances.

Last year, mentioning my plans to potential run through the heartland some running compatriots mentioned that my proposed route went fairly close to their own stomping grounds. They suggested some trails I could run on which fit one of my main needs: safe passage. Even more so, one of their friends just so happened to work at a school which met another need: reaching out to youth to hopefully inspire then to chase their own dreams.

And just like that I had half of my route planned for the day, a mid-day stopping point, and some running partners. Joining me for some of the day are Brian and Steve, who will both be tackling their first marathon the same weekend I will be ending my journey at the Quad Cities Marathon.   Furthermore, once I finish talking to the children in Freeport, IL, my endeavor will be halfway done.

Well, not counting the marathon I am going to run at the end, but one thing at a time.

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