Saturday, September 14, 2013

BodyGlide OnBoard

As anyone who knows me as as runner can attest, I sweat a lot.  Not like "Wow. you are sweaty!" but more like "Are you currently standing under a shower head I cannot see?"  It is a source of consternation for a variety of things such as proper hydration, clothing that needs to be chosen to properly wick away as best as possible the rivulets of sweats running on me, and, of course, chafing.

I have been working with BodyGlide because of this problem for many years.  When I forget to put the BodyGlide on our in enough amounts I have disastrous results. Case in point was the Boise 70.3 two years ago.  I had chafing that was the equivalent to 2nd degree burns or worse.  It went from painful to actually dangerous. 

When I do long distance runs like my 350 miler or this Dane to Davenport, being properly protected is essential to the race. Because of the stage racing over several days it is not as if I can just power through abrasions for one day and rest up in pain from there on out.  I have to be ready to go each day, with as little problems from chafing as possible.

As such, it is with great pleasure that I note that BodyGlide is fully behind my Dane to Davenport and keeping my skin as fresh and dry as a Daisy. Well, as dry as possible consider I am the Sweatanator. 

I am currently in Ecuador this very minute working on a speech regarding hydration and proper fueling for a race, I was put through a sweat test.  In 45 minutes of running at a 7 minute pace on a treadmill, those testing me were astounded to see that I had lost, at least, 7 pounds through sweat. I tried to tell them but they didn't believe it.  I think they will now.

Thanks, BodyGlide, for joining the journey.

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