Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Stop: DreamBank

When researching the proposed route for my Dane to Davenport, I came upon a very interesting place that I will pass in Madison, Wisconsin. It is called DreamBank and it is owned by American Family Insurance. Let me quote from their website to explain what Dreambank is all about:

"DreamBank is a place for dreamers to come together to help build successful and sustainable communities. We believe in the power of individual dreams – those ideas and passions that enrich our personal lives – to be used for positive change in our families and our communities."

To say I was dumbstruck by something which basically embodies everything about my passions, let alone this specific journey, would be an understatement. Before long I was on the horn with the wonderful people at DreamBank.  They were as excited as I was to be speaking to one another. As such, my first stop on my trip from Dane to Davenport will be at this innovative community that is making the most of every day.

On Wednesday evening, Sept. 18th, after having run 50+ miles, I will hightail it back to Madison to inspire others to plan out their own dreams, catch them, hogtie them and move onto more dreams. I might be a little more eloquent than that but then again, I will have just 50 miles.

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